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Sembradores Training Venezuela Alpharetta, GA

Sembradores Training Venezuela

pastor training in Venezuela

Training indigenous leaders, the foundation for a church and community transformation Sembradores is a Spanish word for “seed sowers”.  When we first started our pastor training, we shared the parable of the seed and the importance of the “little things” in God’s kingdom. Wayuu pastors realized how important is the seed but, at the same… Continue reading

COVID-19 in La Guajira Ministry Update


La Guajira, Colombia is seeing a new rise in COVID-19 cases, and it is affecting Wayuu communities more than ever. Due to several reported deaths and hospitals reaching capacity, the local government is calling for further restrictions including curfews and the cancellation of recreational and tourist activities. One of the affected communities is Poromana, a… Continue reading

Emilia’s Story


It’s January 1st, 2021 and a new day has begun with all of the promises and expectations of the new year.  It’s a calm, still morning and I’m enjoying the day with my wife, thanking God for all of His blessings.  Around noon, a phone call comes in and I’m expecting the usual New Year’s… Continue reading

A Christmas of Hope

Bread of Hope Christmas glassball

As many of you know, due to the circumstances of this year, we had to cancel the in-person annual Harvest of Hope dinner and move our end of the year giving to an online platform. We are sad that we will not be able to fellowship with you in-person, but we know that the Lord… Continue reading

COVID-19 Prevention Project

An elderly Wayuu woman wearing a protective medical mask.

The peak of COVID-19 cases among indigenous communities in Colombia will be between November and December According to a report from the Colombian National Organization of Indigenous Peoples (ONIC), the peak of COVID-19 cases among indigenous communities in Colombia will be between November and December of 2020. Due to several cultural and lifestyle factors, the… Continue reading

Summer 2020

Bread of Hope mission summer 2020

At Bread of Hope, our goal is to empower the Wayuu people to reach their own communities with the Gospel. This summer we got to see that in action during the Covid-19 crisis. Our mission trips were canceled but our local staff continued the work equipping local leaders, empowering native churches, and transforming communities with… Continue reading

A New Partnership, More Hope

Bread of Hope Ministry Partnership

As the need for food in our ministry in Venezuela arose, we prayed and searched for a way to help supply easy to transport meals from the USA to our partner churches and communities in Venezuela. With the coronavirus crisis, feeding focused ministries were at capacity, and emergency food, such as long shelf life meals… Continue reading

Meals of Hope

Meals of Hope

Venezuela has the biggest oil reserves in the world, but it has been suffering an unprecedented fuel crisis. This has forced people to walk miles to work, leave crops rotting in the fields, or turn to a military-controlled market to buy gas at an exorbitant price. The country’s health-care system is in disarray after years… Continue reading


Darwin, and Denyire with their four little girls

If you live in the U.S. and have filled your car up lately, chances are that you have seen gas prices at a new low.  Due to the Coronavirus crisis and over-production in the worldwide oil market, the price for gasoline in the U.S. is at the lowest it has been in years.  That is… Continue reading

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