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Sembradores Colombia 2022 Alpharetta, GA

Last week, we finished our first training session with our third group of Sembradores in Colombia.  For five days these Wayuu pastors intensively studied the story of the Gospel chronologically from Creation to Jesus. 

Many of them were amazed to see how the Old Testament connected to Jesus.  Largely because they don’t have the Old Testament in their language and it’s not often taught in churches.  They were able to see the full message of the Gospel and understand that it’s only through Jesus Christ that we can have salvation.  Not by works or by man, only through the work of Jesus Christ. 

Pastor Mejia Pushaina

Pastor Mejia Pushaina from Galacia Baptist Church.  He walked over eight miles to make it to the training.  It took him five hours total, leaving his community at 3 am and arriving at 8 am. But his effort paid off because at the end of the training, while we celebrated the Lord’s supper, he told us in tears, “now I see the complete picture of the Gospel, and how Jesus Christ fulfills the promises of the Old Testament. He is the lamb that takes away all sin.”


Please pray for these men as they will continue their training over the next two years with the purpose of empowering their local churches and communities with the Gospel.

Sembradores team

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