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How do we measure success?  Alpharetta, GA

How do we measure success? 

how to measure success in ministry

More than just activities and projects A few days ago, someone asked me if we had a successful summer. This question led me to think about our ministry and all we accomplished in just two months with the help of short-term teams. I can make a list of the main projects that we accomplished: Ministry Center… Continue reading

24-Hour Matching Donation Challenge

One of our generous donors is partnering with us for a 24-hour matching challenge up to $5,000. The purpose of this challenge is to raise funds to purchase all the PROCLAIMERS we need for 2023.  THE PROCLAIMER is a digital audio player that has a complete recording of the New Testament in the Wayuu native… Continue reading

Share Christmas with the Unreached

Share Christmas

The last couple of years have been very different for us and our Wayuu family in Venezuela and Colombia. The needs in the Wayuu communities have become overwhelming in this “Covid-era.” However, God has not forgotten this unreached people group! He has used your faithful prayers and giving to accomplish eternal work for His glory… Continue reading

Confusion vs Understanding

Matthew 13 The Parable of the Sower

What is more important than God’s Word?  This was the first question that Alfredo, my long-time friend, and disciple, asked during our first pastor’s training in Colombia. Alfredo took us to the parable of the sower in Matthew 13, and I have to confess, the first time I heard him speak about this parable, I… Continue reading

The Decade: A succession plan to pass the baton

bread of hope logo

Developing a healthy exit strategy is essential to ensure our ministry focuses on multiplication; it also helps us work in the present, with the future in mind. An exit strategy is vital to our mission and how we engage with people and communities with the gospel. We have a saying at Bread of Hope: “Work… Continue reading

Healing and Hope

Health program

Luis Angel graduated from our Sembradores program in 2019, and last year he also graduated from our health program.   A couple of months ago, he heard of a Wayuu leader in a nearby community that had been suffering from high blood pressure.  His name was Emiliano. Luis Angel visited Emiliano and discovered that he… Continue reading

Mercy Global Mission Trip

Mercy Global Mission Team

Mercy Global is one of our ministry partners.  Their vision is to equip and mobilize this generation to live out its calling for God’s global mission.  During the first week of June, a short-term mission team from Mercy Global served with us in La Guajira, Colombia.  This team had a very impactful seven days working… Continue reading

Sembradores Colombia 2022


Last week, we finished our first training session with our third group of Sembradores in Colombia.  For five days these Wayuu pastors intensively studied the story of the Gospel chronologically from Creation to Jesus.  Many of them were amazed to see how the Old Testament connected to Jesus.  Largely because they don’t have the Old… Continue reading

Palo Alto Community

palo alto community literacy program

About 3 years ago, one of our staff members, Alejandro, taught a literacy program workshop for churches in Maracaibo. One of the attendees, Mercedes (pictured above with her family) walked about 5 miles from home to attend the workshop with her two young daughters Genesis and Luisana. A few days later, Alejandro got a call… Continue reading

Health Program

Bread of Hope Health Program in La Guajira, Colombia

Healthcare is a huge need for the Wayuu people.  For many years we have been praying about starting a Health Program in La Guajira, Colombia, and just a few days ago we hosted the first training session. The goal of our Health Program is to empower local churches with the knowledge and tools they need… Continue reading

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