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Literacy Programs Illiteracy is a huge obstacle for the Wayuu People.  66% of their population do not know how to read or write.  Wayuu children are often discouraged by their inabilities to keep up with their peers in the classroom.  So, many of them drop out believing that an education is worthless. Bread of Hope […]


The Wayuu are considered an unreached people group.  They have a population of around 600,000 people.  Bringing the gospel to the Wayuu is challenging in many ways especially with language and cultural barriers. The Wayuu have a New Testament translation; however, the Old Testament is currently being translated.  In order to overcome the language barrier, […]


Approximately 85% of the Wayuu people live in poverty. And, over 500 Wayuu children die every year due to starvation and/or dehydration. Bread of Hope empowers local churches to restore their value by meeting physical needs like food, water, shelter, and wellness. Through our literacy groups, Bread of Hope provides hot meals to over 200 […]

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The Wayuu people

  The Wayuu are known as the people of the sun, sand, and wind. They are located in the arid Guajira Peninsula in northern Colombia and northwest Venezuela. According to Wayuu culture, families are divided up into clans based on their mother’s last name.  Traditional Wayuu families live together on rancherias, a family settlement, where they […]


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Mark’s Story

  I’m Mark Kreikemeier and I live in Alpharetta, Georgia with my wife and three children. In 2009, I reluctantly went on a mission trip to Venezuela with eight folks from our church, First Baptist Church Alpharetta. One evening our mission was to deliver food to the people of Maracaibo. The local church member picked […]

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Summer 2019 Mission Trips

NEWS FROM THE FIELD… TWO FRUITFUL WEEKS IN LA GUAJIRA, COLOMBIA! WEEK 1  A team of 28 people came ready to serve and share the gospel with the unreached Wayuu in La Guajira, Colombia! Your prayers were such a blessing as the team partnered with local Wayuu churches to continue God’s work in building up His […]

MercaSur Update

For the past two years, a local church we have been partnering with has served a community in Maracaibo near the open-air market (MercaSur). This community has seen a lot of poverty and difficulties due to the situation in Venezuela. But in spite of these hardships, God’s Kingdom has been growing in MercaSur. Jose and […]


Darwin and Denyire Lopez are a missionary couple who have been sent by their local church in Maracaibo to serve in Zamurpana, a Wayuu community of 300 people located 20 miles south of Maracaibo. At first, the community was very skeptical of them. No one would offer them any food or water. Darwin says that […]

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