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Healing and Hope Alpharetta, GA
Health program

Luis Angel graduated from our Sembradores program in 2019, and last year he also graduated from our health program.  

A couple of months ago, he heard of a Wayuu leader in a nearby community that had been suffering from high blood pressure.  His name was Emiliano.

Luis Angel visited Emiliano and discovered that he hadn’t checked his blood pressure in years.  All of our health program graduates receive a first aid kit that includes a blood pressure monitor.  Luis Angel was able to check Emiliano’s blood pressure which was dangerously high.  He was also able to take Emiliano to the doctor to get further help. 

Luis Angel also used this open door to share the Gospel with Emiliano and his family.  Thanks to God, they recently became believers and are currently being discipled by Luis Angel and his wife. 

We are encouraged to hear the stories from our health program graduates as they care for their communities both physically and spiritually to work towards spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ among the Wayuu. 

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