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Health Program Alpharetta, GA
Bread of Hope Health Program in La Guajira, Colombia

Healthcare is a huge need for the Wayuu people.  For many years we have been praying about starting a Health Program in La Guajira, Colombia, and just a few days ago we hosted the first training session.

The goal of our Health Program is to empower local churches with the knowledge and tools they need to prevent life-threatening illnesses and support the overall health of their communities.  Local church leaders will train for one year learning about nutrition, hygiene, disease prevention, and how to treat basic ailments.

Bread of Hope Health Program in La Guajira, Colombia

Bread of Hope Health Program in La Guajira, ColombiaOur Health Program will also give local churches the opportunity to connect and build relationships with the unreached families in their communities.  As they seek to serve not just the physical needs around them, but the spiritual ones as well.

We are training 12 participants from 6 different communities.

We would like to thank ITEC for their support and guidance in starting this program.

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