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Wayuu Bibles Fundraiser Alpharetta, GA

Help us bring God’s Word to the Wayuu

The Wayuu people now have access to both the Old and New Testament for the very first time.

The complete Wayuu Bible translation is finished. The project led by the Colombian Bible Society was completed a few months ago and is ready for printing. Bread of Hope is partnering with the Colombian Bible Society to get the first printed copies of this Bible in August during the formal presentation. We need your support to provide Wayuu believers and church leaders with the complete Bible in their native language. The Wayuu people will be the first indigenous people group in Colombia to have a full Bible translation in their language. This is a milestone in our ministry among the Wayuu people, as it will provide believers with a first-hand experience with God’s word and deepen their understanding of God’s message and His redemptive plan.

Each Bible cost $10, and we need 500 Bibles.


to make a donation click on this link:

[Donate to send Bibles]


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