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Literacy Programs

Illiteracy is a huge obstacle for the Wayuu People. 66% of their population do not know how to read or write. Wayuu children are often discouraged by their inabilities to keep up with their peers in the classroom. So, many of them drop out believing that an education is worthless. Bread of Hope seeks to bring value to these Wayuu children and a hope for a better future. Teaching them the power of an education through our literacy classes. We have over 600 Wayuu students enrolled. Each one of them is assessed and tutored in the areas they need in order to level up to their age group. Their classes are always Christ-centered. We intentionally use this time to teach them about the gospel and God’s Word. Our desire is that these children will not only be educated but also be faithful followers of Christ.


The Wayuu are considered an unreached people group.  They have a population of around 600,000 people.  Bringing the gospel to the Wayuu is challenging in many ways especially with language and cultural barriers.

The Wayuu have a New Testament translation; however, the Old Testament is currently being translated.  In order to overcome the language barrier, we have partnered with Faith Comes By Hearing to provide the Wayuu people with access to the gospel in their native tongue.  We do this through the Proclaimer.  A Wayuu church leader will bring a Proclaimer into a Wayuu village and ask the permission of their leader to host listening sessions.  For thirty minutes every week, the people of the village can listen to the recording and let God’s pure word convict them.

At Bread of Hope, we believe in empowering the Wayuu people in order to reach their unreached communities.  We believe they are the key in unlocking cultural barriers.  We are committed to help train Wayuu leaders in the gospel of Jesus Christ and God’s Word so that they can multiply disciples for God’s Kingdom.  Throughout the year we provide biblical training for Wayuu pastors and leaders. Helping them understand the biblical basis of the gospel and disciple-making.


Approximately 85% of the Wayuu people live in poverty. And, over 500 Wayuu children die every year due to starvation and/or dehydration.

Bread of Hope empowers local churches to restore their value by meeting physical needs like food, water, shelter, and wellness.

Through our literacy groups, Bread of Hope provides hot meals to over 200 children throughout the week. Averaging around 30,000 meals yearly.

This past year we have started the Box of Hope which provides meals, toiletries, clothes, and school supplies for a Wayuu family of four for a month.

During the summer, we host mission teams who help local churches bless their communities through eye clinics, construction projects, and feedings.

We are currently working on a water project to build a well in La Guajira, Colombia.  Clean drinking water is a scarce resource in the arid desert of La Guajira.  Many sicknesses and deaths are linked to their lack of clean water.

Our hope with these projects is to glorify God and give local churches an opportunity to put God’s love on display to reach their unreached communities.


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