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Colombia Travel Advisory Alpharetta, GA

Every once in a while, team members and/or family members ask us questions about safety and security in Colombia.

Please know that at Bread of Hope, we are serious about mission trip safety. We want our team members to feel safe and secure in Colombia, so we intentionally take every safety precaution possible.

At Bread of Hope, we are constantly monitoring travel advisories. We will not move forward with a mission trip if conditions are dangerous enough to put a team member’s health or well-being in jeopardy.

The areas we will serve during our 2024 Mission Trip have a Level 3 Travel Advisory from the U.S. State Department. This advisory has been in place for several years in Colombia and hasn’t changed recently. We have hosted several mission teams while Colombia has been under a Level 3 Travel Advisory.

During your trip, you will NOT visit or serve communities near the Venezuelan border. This area has a Level 4 Travel Advisory form the U.S. State Department (Do Not Travel).

Because Colombia has a Level 3 Travel Advisory, we take extra steps to ensure safety. Team Members are not allowed to leave the group or the hotel and explore on their own. We ensure that the team stays close together so that no one gets separated from the group. We also work hard to vet and choose the safest options for lodging, restaurants, and transportation.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.

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