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A Wayuu teacher making a difference Alpharetta, GA
Amira Gonzalez

Amira Gonzalez is a volunteer teacher at one of our literacy groups in Maracaibo, Venezuela.  She is in charge of teaching and preparing meals for the literacy group that meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Her class has 12 students ranging from 13 to 15 years old.  Amira says that her goal is to instruct her students to not forget God’s Word.  She knows that this is the age that many students fall away from the church and get distracted by the things in the world.

Amira is constantly surprised at how the children have changed since attending the literacy group. The children, themselves, have openly shared or “testified” how they are now treating their parents differently and behaving more at home.  This has made many parents curious and willing to attend not only the literacy group, but church services as well.
Amira shares a special bond with her students.  Since she is Wayuu herself, Amira has been able to overcome a lot of language and cultural barriers to reach her students. They are encouraged and challenged in their learning and pay more attention since Amira is able to teach and share with them in Wayuu.

Amira wants to thank from the bottom of her heart all of her brothers and sisters in Christ who have donated or helped Bread of Hope in the United States.  “We thank God for your big hearts, your lives, your offerings, and your prayers” – Amira Gonzalez.

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