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Serving our Wayuu brothers and sisters Alpharetta, GA
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On April 2nd, our local staff and 8 volunteers in Maracaibo, Venezuela traveled to Amatunao, Colombia to spend their Easter weekend sharing God’s love with the Wayuu. Amatunao is a small Wayuu community about 8 hours away from Maracaibo by car. The Wayuu there live in the middle of a deserted, dry landscape in a region with many physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. Our team traveled there with the intention to share and model God’s message of hope and salvation for them by having an eye clinic, giving haircuts, playing in a street carnival, and giving Bible training. The eye clinic and haircuts meant so much to the Wayuu in Amatunao. Many of them go without haircuts and corrective lenses because they could never afford them. By entering their communities and providing for a simple, physical need we are able to model Christ’s love and break down some of those cultural barriers that keep them from hearing His Word.

Our network of local churches to reach the Wayuu in Colombia continues to grow and expand as our ministry opportunities have multiplied. During this trip, we were able to connect with 16 pastors from different communities throughout the Wayuu region in Colombia. Please pray that through these connections with new churches, new listening groups will form. Our goal is to have our listening groups in Colombia multiply from 8 to 40 by the end of this year. Reaching approximately 3,000 Wayuu brothers and sisters so that they will hear God’s Word, believe, and forever be transformed by Jesus Christ.


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