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Sembradores – Wayuu Church Planter Training Alpharetta, GA
Wayuu Church Planter Training

From December 18th – 22nd, Bread of Hope hosted a church planters’ training for 9 Wayuu leaders.  This training was the just the beginning of a year-long program with these Wayuu church planters.

Our first training session centered around God’s Word.  The church planters’ intensively learned how each story in the Bible (beginning in Genesis) is connected through Jesus Christ.  Each story is a shadow of the Messiah, the redeemer, the chosen lamb…the Savior to come.
Sembradores team

There was so much passion and excitement amongst the students.  Several times they all pleaded to skip lunch, so that they could continue learning.  They were eager to hear and learn more about the Bible.

Wayuu Church Planter TrainingThis training meant a lot to these students and we were able to witness this during our closing gathering where we shared the Lord’s supper.  Many of them shared in tears how they were finally able to see God’s Word as one big picture.  Before training, many of them avoided teaching the Old Testament thinking that it had absolutely nothing to do with Jesus.  They thought that the Bible was made up of a bunch of little stories, but never imagined that each story was part of a greater message.  Many shared through their tears that for once everything finally made sense.

We are excited and looking forward to our future trainings with these church planters.  We know that God has great plans for them and His ministry with the Wayuu people.  Please continue to keep praying for these nine men throughout the year.

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