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MercaSur Update Alpharetta, GA
Wayuu children at literacy classes in MercaSur.

For the past two years, a local church we have been partnering with has served a community in Maracaibo near the open-air market (MercaSur). This community has seen a lot of poverty and difficulties due to the situation in Venezuela. But in spite of these hardships, God’s Kingdom has been growing in MercaSur.

Jose and Maria Camacho have been faithfully leading this group in MercaSur from the very beginning. They initially had 60 children attending their literacy group. Today, they have 180 children. And that’s not including the parents who come for a warm meal and a Bible lesson.

They serve this community twice a week – making and bringing hot meals, teaching literacy classes, bible lessons, and giving children an opportunity to buy groceries for their families.

Wayuu family receiving food at Bread of Hope stand in MercaSur.

Once a month, they have a “store” where each student goes to buy things with the points they have accumulated during the month. Children get points by attendance, participation, memorizing Bible verses, and completing their work. However, instead of buying prizes and toys the children earn points to buy groceries and clothes for their families.

Jose and Maria Camacho

Pray for Jose and Maria. They have demonstrated a deep commitment and passion for serving these children. They truly have a servant’s heart. Pray also for the community of MercaSur that God’s Word would flourish in the hearts of these children.

Luz Mary Epiayu is one of the best students from the literacy group in MercaSur. She has already learned how to read and has memorized several Bible verses.

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