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Local Church Leadership Training Alpharetta, GA
Local Church Leadership Training - La Guajira, Columbia

Have you heard about storytelling yet?  It’s a powerful way of sharing God’s word through stories, pictures, improvisation, and plays.  When you work with an oral-based culture, it is such an effective way to communicate the gospel.  From March 11th-13th we had the privilege of traveling to La Guajira, Colombia to host a leadership training for local Wayuu churches.  For this training session, we partnered with Hope and Help International’s, David and BJ Lawson.  They helped us lead an incredible time of growth and fellowship as local leaders learned about God’s Word through storytelling.

David started at the very beginning, in Genesis, telling the story of creation through pictures and drawings.  Each picture showed what was created on each of the seven days.  At the end of his lesson, he asked those in attendance to re-tell him the story of creation ensuring that they understood what was taught.  After creation, we taught about the fall of man through a play that involved our staff and the audience.  They re-created those famous scenes in the garden of Eden.  The Wayuu leaders were on the edge of their seats fascinated to hear and see about these stories in person.  At the end, we explained how Jesus Christ was God’s plan of salvation to the separation that sin had created.  That God has reconciled us through Christ.  And when we believe in Him and are in Him, our old sinful lives pass away and we are made new (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Empowering Leaders Local Church Leadership Training – La Guajira, Columbia

During our training, we also had the privilege of teaching local children about creation and the fall of man through storytelling and crafts. We had a wonderful time sharing God’s Word with His children.  Check out our Facebook page for all of the exciting pictures from these trainings.

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