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COVID-19 in La Guajira Ministry Update Alpharetta, GA

La Guajira, Colombia is seeing a new rise in COVID-19 cases, and it is affecting Wayuu communities more than ever. Due to several reported deaths and hospitals reaching capacity, the local government is calling for further restrictions including curfews and the cancellation of recreational and tourist activities.

One of the affected communities is Poromana, a community Bread of Hope has served for years.  Several of our staff members and volunteers live in this community.

Poromana NEWSPoromana was recently featured in the local news as a COVID-19 hotspot. Robert Riviera, who lived in Poromana and is the brother of our dear friend, Pastor Antonio Riveira, passed away after battling with COVID-19 in the hospital for several days.

Our staff is alert and taking all the precautions, following the protocols established by our health coordinator Doctor Jose Espina. We have postponed some activities that involve gatherings, but we continue our support to local churches, monitoring the situation among all the communities we serve.

La Guijira

We ask that you join us in prayer.

Pray for:

  • Wisdom and discernment for our staff as they continue to serve Wayuu churches and communities.
  • For the Wayuu people, amid the fear and anxiety caused by this virus, they can see the light and hope of the gospel.
  • For local pastors and church leaders to have opportunities to proclaim the gospel of truth in these times of uncertainty.
  • For Pastor Antonio’s family and the people of Poromana.
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