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Christmas on the Frontlines Alpharetta, GA
Wayuu girl

This Christmas Eve, Bread of Hope brought the love, joy, and hope of Christ’s birth to Wayuu families living and working in the landfill of Maicao, Colombia.  This small community of Wayuu families is unique in Colombia.  Usually, Wayuu families in Colombia live in rancherias with their family on land that has been owned for generations.  However, the Wayuu families living and working near the landfill are outcasts.  They don’t have rancherias to go to, many of them are Venezuelan and have recently immigrated to Colombia in order to escape their economic hardships.  They work hard every morning, noon, and night.  Heading to the landfill throughout the day as the trucks come to grab scrap metal, plastic bottles, and anything else they can resell for income or use as food.

Thanks to God, our donors, and prayer partners we were able to share the good news of Jesus Christ with this community of over 30 families.  We held a small Christmas Eve carnival where we painted faces, made balloons, painted nails, played soccer, colored, and shared the story of Jesus’ birth.  At the end of our day, we gave out Christmas presents to each girl and boy.  The smiles and excitement on their faces were indescribably beautiful.  Our whole purpose for spending Christmas Eve in this community was to help Stefania, their community leader, strengthen her ties with the entire community.  She will begin a Proclaimer listening group in January.  Many of the families we talked to expressed interest in learning more about God’s word.  They are looking for hope in something greater.  Please pray that they will find this hope in Jesus Christ alone.

Wayuu children enjoying their Christmas gifts

There is power in God’s Word and it absolutely transforms the darkest and loneliest of hearts.  If you would like to help bring the hope of Jesus Christ to those who are outcast and overlooked, please visit: and donate today.  You can make your own personal donation to support our Proclaimer listening groups by purchasing a Proclaimer for $160.

Check out our Facebook page for all of the pictures from our visit.

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