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Children of Zamurpana Literacy Group

Darwin and Denyire Lopez are a missionary couple who have been sent by their local church in Maracaibo to serve in Zamurpana, a Wayuu community of 300 people located 20 miles south of Maracaibo.

At first, the community was very skeptical of them. No one would offer them any food or water. Darwin says that sometimes all they would eat was the cacti they found around the community.

Darwin showing how to extract the pulp from the cactus.Their sacrifice and effort gave fruit. Today, they have a mission church where they serve 10 families teaching them the gospel. Darwin, his wife, and daughters are working hard to learn Wayuu so that they can disciple the Wayuu in their native language.

With the help of Bread of Hope, Darwin and Denyire are starting a literacy group in the Zamurpana community to help provide education for these children who are not currently enrolled in the school system. In fact, many of them, have never gone to school.

Please pray for Darwin and Denyire and their family as they serve the Wayuu in Zamurpana.

Darwin Denyire with his wife and three daughters

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