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A New Partnership, More Hope Alpharetta, GA
Bread of Hope Ministry Partnership

As the need for food in our ministry in Venezuela arose, we prayed and searched for a way to help supply easy to transport meals from the USA to our partner churches and communities in Venezuela. With the coronavirus crisis, feeding focused ministries were at capacity, and emergency food, such as long shelf life meals and dry food, was hard to find. Thankfully God opened the door with Gleanings for the Hungry. From our first contact, they were very open to know about Bread of Hope and partnering with us. 

Gleanings for the hungry is a mercy ministry of Youth With A Mission (YWAM), their mission is to feed the hungry of the world, both physically and spiritually. They produce shelf-stable food such as a dehydrated soup mix and dried fruits.  Their production is given to partner ministries around the world, to be distributed in impoverished areas. 

Our campaign, Meals of Hope, raised the funds we needed in less than a week!  Through this campaign, we were able to send the first shipment that will supply over 25,000 meals and hundreds of nutritional drinks for Wayuu families in Venezuela. 

We are deeply thankful for Gleanings for the Hungry, their leadership, and the donors who made this a reality. Hundreds of Wayuu families will be blessed and touched by the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a tangible way. 

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