Mission trip Summer 2017

On June 24th, a group of 23 people traveled from the US to La Guajira, Colombia for a week-long mission trip with Bread of Hope.  We would like to thank all of you who prayed and supported us on this trip.  Your prayers were definitely heard, and we were able to feel and see God’s presence in a way that we haven’t seen before.  God is truly building up His Kingdom among the Wayuu people. Check out a quick review of our trip below:

During the week of June 24th – July 1st:
We attended a Wayuu church service.
Witnessed four new baptisms.
Loved on Wayuu children.
Helped mix and pour concrete for a church floor.
Helped build a new church building.
Provided eyeglasses for over 150 Wayuu people.
Provided 25 water filtration systems.
Provided over 50 new haircuts.
Served over 200 hot meals.
Empowered over 20 churches with Proclaimers.

Testimonies from our mission team members:
“My time with Bread of Hope has been different than other mission experiences that I’ve had, by them really coming in and working with the community instead of coming in and taking over all the work.”
“One of the ways that I know God is at work while we’re down here is just how we’ve been united in purpose despite our language barrier we’ve been able to communicate without words and we’ve been able to communicate with our actions and it’s just evidence that God’s spirit is at work and blessing the work here with the Wayuu people.”

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