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Pray for Venezuela

pray4vzla imageIf you’ve watched or read the news, you may have heard about the protests going on in Venezuela.

The protests arose as Venezuela’s economy and security have continued to falter.  They currently have the highest inflation rate in South America and shortages of food and common goods (such as toilet paper, oil, milk, sugar, and corn flour for arepas) are common. The country is truly divided between those who are unhappy and seek a change with the current government and those who support it and its ideals.  This political tension has resulted in these recent conflicts between students, led by opposition leaders and the government-backed police and military where nine protestors have died. Please be aware that the majority of these protest are in the capital city of Caracass which is 8 ½ hours from Maracaibo.

Undoubtedly, these events were orchestrated to overthrow the government of Venezuela.  These protests started out peacefully, however, they have turned violent in some areas due to repression by the police and/or military who at times have responded with force. Currently, the government is in the process of taking back control after students blocked the streets and roadways in some areas of Venezuela.  However, there is still a small group of protestors that continue marching with the hope of pressuring the President to resign. Please know that Bread of Hope’s support among the local churches and the Wayuu in Venezuela and in Colombia will continue independently of these circumstances.

The directors of Bread of Hope in conjunction with its local staff in Venezuela are currently analyzing the development of this situation in respect to the short term mission trips that are planned for this summer. Please be aware that the majority of these protest are in the capital city of Caracas which is 8 ½ hours from Maracaibo. Please know that your safety is a  primary concern to us. We will not take a team into a knowingly dangerous situation.

During a time of prayer and reflection God revealed Himself to us in His Word in the following verses:

2 Corinthians 1:3-11 & Proverbs 14:26

We understand through these passages that when we surrender ourselves to serve Christ he takes care of all of those little details that we often worry or get anxious about.  Our basic human needs such as health, safety, food, and financial security should be entrusted to Him, so that we can focus on Him. For in the end He is the only one who has control over our lives.  No matter how hard we strive to provide for our wants/needs on our own we will always find that circumstances are out of our control. God alone is sovereign and in control of every detail and every situation.

The Bread of Hope staff will continue to pay close attention to this situation and will keep you posted on any new developments. Please join us as ambassadors for Christ in praying and interceding for our brothers and sisters in Venezuela.  We must be a light, a reflection of Christ in a country that has been darkened by political division.  We ask that you join us in prayer every day at 10:00 pm #BOHiPray4Vzla

Please pray specifically that:

  • These protests will come to a peaceful resolution
  • Venezuelan Christians will use this time of conflict and pain to share Christ’s love and hope with those around them.
  • The Wayuu people find God’s love and provision in an extreme time of need.

Thank you for your support and your willingness to be the beautiful feet that bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the Wayuu people. We are excited about the trip and the opportunity for you to meet these wonderful people. The community in which we serve is looking forward to welcoming you and they are eager to serve alongside you in this endeavor that God has put on each of our hearts.

Please remember to pray!

In Christ

Mark Kreikemeier
Bread of Hope – Founder

Listening Groups

In Bread of Hope we are partnering with native churches to reach the Wayuu people. We provide evangelistic tools like the “proclaimer”. an audio device that reproduce the New Testament in Wayuu. Churches go to their communities and start listening groups where Wayuu people gather to listen to God’s message.

Look at the different listening groups in Venezuela and Colombia:

Click on the image:

boh listening groups

Colombia Mission trip

colombia missiontrip

On November 2013 our Bread of Hope team in Venezuela traveled to the Goajira province in Colombia.

They visited the communities of Uribia, Manaure, and Shirulia.  They worked alongside Eben-Ezer Baptist Church to support them in evangelism and community outreach.

The BOH team brought some proclaimers, which became an essential evangelism tool.  More than 70% of the population of Uribia, Manaure, and Shirulia only speak Wayuunaiky (the native language of the Wayuu).  Many did not speak Spanish.  It was a blessing to many to be able to hear God’s word and see the Jesus film in their heart language.


The province of Goajira is located in one of the most forgotten and overlooked areas of Latin America.  It’s an arid, desert area that makes agriculture and food production very difficult.  Many of the people that live there make a small living off of their homemade production of salt.  However, the government has recently handed this area over to transnational corporations who are now taking over most of the area’s commerce.

In the small villages they visited, there was no access to power and electricity.  One of their biggest needs is access to drinking water.

For many their water comes from an open well that is often easily contaminated by runoff, insect larvae and pollution.

Another major need for this area is training for pastors and leaders.  Many are in need of bible training and materials.
Thanks for your prayers and support.

Check out the pictures:

Literacy Program

Bread of Hope has teamed up with Rebirth in Christ Church to launch a Literacy Program aiming to help develop the education needs of several children who have been left out of the local school system due to their lack of education. BOH is working with these children to develop their educational skill in hopes of reintroducing them to the local public school system.

Since the program started 3 months ago, 8 children have been accepted into the local educational system and are now attending public school. Their teachers were amazed at how quickly these kids joined into the classroom.

Thanks to your donations, these kids are active in the local school system school and have exchanged their hopelessness for personal value.