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COVID-19 Ministry update

Today’s COVID-19 crisis threatens everyone’s way of life as it is spreading so rapidly around the globe. This situation reminds us of how interconnected the world is today and how important it is to respond with a Christ-like spirit.

Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me.

John 14:1

Bread of Hope is monitoring the spread of the COVID – 19 virus. First and foremost, we pray that you and your families have not been impacted by the COVID 19. Each one of you is very dear to us and we consider you part of our Bread of Hope family. If you have any prayer needs please let us know how we can be praying for you. During these tough and trying times, we have the assurance of our sovereign God that He is in control. We can rest in the peace of Jesus Christ and the grace that was poured out over us on the cross.

Recently, the government of Colombia has taken severe measures to prevent an outbreak of the virus. They have closed their borders by land, sea and have restricted international flights for three weeks. These measures have greatly impacted the Wayuu people.

Please be in prayer with us as we seek God’s direction in guidance during these challenging times. We are praying that the COVID-19 virus will open doors for us to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the unreached Wayuu People.

We will be monitoring the situation in the U.S. and in Colombia very closely and will be making a decision about our mission trip within the next few weeks.




Join our prayer list. We will send you weekly prayer updates so you can connect with us and what God is doing among the Wayuu people in the midst of this crisis.

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done

Philippians 4:6




The government of Colombia has taken severe measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Some of these measures are deeply affecting our Wayuu brothers and sisters as they continue their mission to make disciples of Christ in their communities. 100% of the pastors we serve are bi-vocational ministers. They have a part-time job to help provide for their families. Most of them have informal jobs, such as motorcycle taxis, weaving Wayuu bags, and selling goat meat.  Obviously, with the restrictions that the government has implemented these jobs have come to a halt. Please consider donating to help support these pastors as they still continue to serve their communities and share the Gospel of Jesus.



As children of God, situations like these remind us that this is a lost, fallen, and imperfect world. But we have an eternal and perfect home in heaven with our Good Father who is the sovereign king in control of all things.

God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.

So we will not fear when earthquakes come and

the mountains crumble into the sea.

Psalms 46:1-2

Summer 2019 Mission Trips



A team of 28 people came ready to serve and share the gospel with the unreached Wayuu in La Guajira, Colombia!

Your prayers were such a blessing as the team partnered with local Wayuu churches to continue God’s work in building up His kingdom among this unreached people group.

Click here for: MISSION TRIP VIDEO – WEEK 1


Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church (CCPC) has been partnering with Bread of Hope over the past couple of years!

It is inspiring to see their passion and investment as they support the cause of reaching the Wayuu with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

This year CCPC brought down a whole team to further their partnership, empowering the local Wayuu pastors and their churches to be trained and equipped to share the gospel.

Click here for: MISSION TRIP VIDEO – WEEK 2


  • Hosting carnivals that gave the local churches a special opportunity to connect with all the members of their community
  • Providing eye-glass clinics
  • Working to completion of a floor construction of a new church building for Willinton, who is one of the church planters in the pastor training program
  • Assisting in La Esperanza, the new literacy group in Colombia
  • Fellowshipping in an overnight stay in one of our church planters home communities
  • Building and deepening relationships


MercaSur Update

For the past two years, a local church we have been partnering with has served a community in Maracaibo near the open-air market (MercaSur). This community has seen a lot of poverty and difficulties due to the situation in Venezuela. But in spite of these hardships, God’s Kingdom has been growing in MercaSur.

Jose and Maria Camacho have been faithfully leading this group in MercaSur from the very beginning. They initially had 60 children attending their literacy group. Today, they have 180 children. And that’s not including the parents who come for a warm meal and a Bible lesson.

They serve this community twice a week – making and bringing hot meals, teaching literacy classes, bible lessons, and giving children an opportunity to buy groceries for their families.

Once a month, they have a “store” where each student goes to buy things with the points they have accumulated during the month. Children get points by attendance, participation, memorizing Bible verses, and completing their work. However, instead of buying prizes and toys the children earn points to buy groceries and clothes for their families.


Pray for Jose and Maria. They have demonstrated a deep commitment and passion for serving these children. They truly have a servant’s heart. Pray also for the community of MercaSur that God’s Word would flourish in the hearts of these children.


Luz Mary Epiayu is one of the best students from the literacy group in MercaSur. She has already learned how to read and has memorized several Bible verses.


Darwin and Denyire Lopez are a missionary couple who have been sent by their local church in Maracaibo to serve in Zamurpana, a Wayuu community of 300 people located 20 miles south of Maracaibo.

Darwin shows us how to extract the pulp from the cacti.

At first, the community was very skeptical of them.
No one would offer them any food or water. Darwin says that sometimes all they would eat was the cacti they found around the community.
Their sacrifice and effort gave fruit. Today, they have a mission church where they serve 10 families teaching them the gospel. Darwin, his wife, and daughters are working hard to learn Wayuu so that they can disciple the Wayuu in their native language.

With the help of Bread of Hope, Darwin and Denyire are starting a literacy group in the Zamurpana community to help provide education for these children who are not currently enrolled in the school system. In fact, many of them, have never gone to school.

Please pray for Darwin and Denyire and their family as they serve the Wayuu in Zamurpana.

Deadline for Mission Trip Registration March 15th

We continue to be amazed by the response we have gotten for this year’s mission trip. Many of you have registered to serve the Wayuu people with us in La Guajira, Colombia this summer. As a reminder, our deadline to sign up for this year’s trip is March 15th. There are only a few spots remaining before we reach our max capacity.

If you want to join us there are three steps you’ll have to make before we can secure your reservation, please make sure to register by clicking on the link below, fill out your registration form, and send a check for your first deposit ($800) to our office with the memo: Mission trip payment.

Bread of Hope
292 S Main St 
Ste 200
Alpharetta, GA 30009

Make sure to let us know your check is on the way by sending an email to


Here at Bread of Hope, we are gearing up for a very BIG day in the nonprofit world: this year’s #GivingTuesday. We want to make this year’s global day of philanthropy our best yet—please join the movement and help us bring the gospel to the unreached Wayuu people in Colombia and Venezuela.

Share an #unselfie that says why you support us! Feel good in knowing that you are part of a world-wide movement, working to raise awareness for our cause

La Esperanza Project

Maicao, Colombia. Is a small commercial city in Colombia, just 8 miles from the border with Venezuela. 7 miles outside this city, in the landfill, God led us to a small community formed by over 60 Wayuu families who are refugees fleeing the hardships of Venezuela. The main source of income for these families comes from the trash in the landfill. They dig through the trash as the trucks come during the day (or sometimes every other day) and find recycling material that they sell to make some money. On average they make 8,500 pesos a day ($2.70 USD) while the daily minimum wage in Colombia is 24,000 pesos ($8 USD).
Most of these families are unreached, but for the last year, we have been working to build a strong relationship with this community. For the last several months, God allowed us to demonstrate His love; now He is giving us the chance to speak about it. The community is open, receptive and even eager to learn God’s message of love. But as we provide for their spiritual needs we also want to contribute to their physical and mental needs as well. For 2019, we are embracing this community as our primary focus of outreach in Colombia. We hope to assist with education for children who are not currently enrolled in the school system, provide clean drinking water, hot meals, and plant a church.
We praise God for allowing us the privilege of serving this community that they just recently named “La Esperanza” (the Hope).

New Mercy Community Church

Short-term Mission Trip

During the month of September a team of 7 from New Mercy Community Church from Hackensack, New Jersey joined us in La Guajira Colombia for a ten dayshort-term mission trip. 

We served 7 local churches in La Guajira through eye clinics, installing water filtration systems, children’s bible school, and construction. 

The New Mercy team spent a special time of bonding and sharing with the youth at Zion Church where they shared life experiences, prayed and encouraged the youth to live a life dedicated to love and serve Christ and His kingdom. 

New Mercy Community Church has partnered with Bread of Hope to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached Wayuu. They will be focusing on empowering local churches through training and investing in the Christian Wayuu youth. 

Mission trip Testimony

“I have been on many mission trips before and on all of them, I always felt like just another foreigner coming to “help” the locals. This trip was such a blessing because it was the first one on which I didn’t feel like an outsider; instead, I felt like I was an actual member of the Wayuu community. It was so amazing to work ALONGSIDE (not just for) the Wayuu to bless and serve each other as one big family!”
Jisoo Park 

A Wayuu teacher making a difference

Amira Gonzalez is a volunteer teacher at one of our literacy groups in Maracaibo, Venezuela.  She is in charge of teaching and preparing meals for the literacy group that meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Her class has 12 students ranging from 13 to 15 years old.  Amira says that her goal is to instruct her students to not forget God’s Word.  She knows that this is the age that many students fall away from the church and get distracted by the things in the world.

Amira is constantly surprised at how the children have changed since attending the literacy group. The children, themselves, have openly shared or “testified” how they are now treating their parents differently and behaving more at home.  This has made many parents curious and willing to attend not only the literacy group, but church services as well.
Amira shares a special bond with her students.  Since she is Wayuu herself, Amira has been able to overcome a lot of language and cultural barriers to reach her students. They are encouraged and challenged in their learning and pay more attention since Amira is able to teach and share with them in Wayuu.
Amira wants to thank from the bottom of her heart all of her brothers and sisters in Christ who have donated or helped Bread of Hope in the United States.  “We thank God for your big hearts, your lives, your offerings, and your prayers” – Amira Gonzalez.

Click here to donate to this project

Sharing a Hope and Future in Christ

(Stories from the Field: Maracaibo, Venezuela)

In spite of the hardships and challenges that Venezuela is currently going through, God is still moving and God is still faithful.  The world around us may be dying, but HE NEVER CHANGES!  This month we wanted to share with you a story about how one person’s faithfulness can impact the lives of many.  This is the story of Maria.

Maria Luisa Chacon, is a Christian school teacher who has her doctorate in Education.  Maria works with one of our local church groups in Venezuela, coordinating a literacy program with children who live and work around the biggest outdoor market in Maracaibo.

It has been a blessing to have someone with her experience.  Maria has graciously donated her time training and equipping the teachers involved with this literacy program.   They started this February by assessing each student individually, to see what they needed to learn.  This isn’t lecture style learning.  Maria is passionate and dedicated to seeing that each child actually learns how to read and write.

They meet on Wednesdays and have about 70 students who come each week.  Maria’s education and years of experience have shown her that education is a science.  The best way to teach literacy is to first understand how a child learns.  Maria applies a method that relies on activating the neocortex of the brain that awakens a person’s memory and makes learning more accessible. They have created their own program using pictures and symbols to help students learn letters and sounds, the first steps of reading.

One afternoon, a child’s mother, was paying particularly close attention to her son’s notebook.  She picked up a pencil and began to write her name, amazed she told Maria that it was the first time in her life that she had ever written her name.  She didn’t understand letters.

As a goal these teachers hope to teach all 70 of these students how to read and write by June.  But this is not just for their current future, but their eternal one as well.  All of our literacy groups end by teaching each student how to read God’s Word.  They recently received a copy of the New Testament.  These teachers hope that these students will believe that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior and multiply the work He started in them to those around them.

Would you like to help?  Maria is asking for colorful books or notebooks that can be used to teach letters and sounds.