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Serving Wayuu children with special needs

Suwarala Wounmain

What do you do when God calls you to action?  You answer His call.  Last year, we were contacted by a local elementary school in Venezuela asking for help. This elementary school in Maracaibo, Venezuela has a special needs program for Wayuu children called, Suwarala Wounmain, “light of the land” in Wayuu. It is designed to help educate and support Wayuu children with autism, down syndrome, dyspraxia, speech disorders, and more.  With the socio-economic crisis going on in Venezuela right now, many of these children are skipping school.  They simply don’t have the money for meals, transportation, or their medicine.

Bread of Hope has recently started to help three local Venezuelan churches in their efforts to support Suwarala Wounmain. The main goal of this program is to help these children develop mentally, emotionally, and socially so that they can successfully integrate into society and not be limited by their disorder.
Bread of Hope will be empowering the local church to impact the lives of these children, their families, and their teachers with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
The principal of the school has given us the opportunity to spend an entire day each week with the children of the special needs program. There are 23 special needs students.  During this time, we will be sharing Bible lessons, meals, and special learning activities with both the children and their parents.  The principal has also confirmed that she would like our participation in their program to expand to the rest of their elementary school in the future.  Please support us by praying for everyone involved in this program (the local church members, the students their parents, and the school staff).

By donating:

$50 / month – You can support a special needs child with their education and help provide their families with groceries, medicine, and transportation to school.

After starting your donation, you will receive a thank you packet with a picture of the child you are supporting and a letter that you can write to them.

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Local Church Leadership Training

Have you heard about storytelling yet?  It’s a powerful way of sharing God’s word through stories, pictures, improvisation, and plays.  When you work with an oral-based culture, it is such an effective way to communicate the gospel.  From March 11th-13th we had the privilege of traveling to La Guajira, Colombia to host a leadership training for local Wayuu churches.  For this training session, we partnered with Hope and Help International’s, David and BJ Lawson.  They helped us lead an incredible time of growth and fellowship as local leaders learned about God’s Word through storytelling.

David started at the very beginning, in Genesis, telling the story of creation through pictures and drawings.  Each picture showed what was created on each of the seven days.  At the end of his lesson, he asked those in attendance to re-tell him the story of creation ensuring that they understood what was taught.  After creation, we taught about the fall of man through a play that involved our staff and the audience.  They re-created those famous scenes in the garden of Eden.  The Wayuu leaders were on the edge of their seats fascinated to hear and see about these stories in person.  At the end, we explained how Jesus Christ was God’s plan of salvation to the separation that sin had created.  That God has reconciled us through Christ.  And when we believe in Him and are in Him, our old sinful lives pass away and we are made new (2 Corinthians 5:17).

During our training, we also had the privilege of teaching local children about creation and the fall of man through storytelling and crafts. We had a wonderful time sharing God’s Word with His children.  Check out our Facebook page for all of the exciting pictures from these trainings.

Serving with my family

Who would ever consider taking children on a mission trip? My wife and I asked this same question 9 years ago. Little did we know what God had in store for us. What a blessing it has been!

It has been amazing to see God work in our lives individually and as a family. When we are serving together as a family we have noticed our bond is closer and more united than at any other time. God created each of us to serve him. When we do this on the mission field it brings us into a closer bond with Him and those around us. We have noticed when we remove ourselves from all the distractions of the world and serve together as a family it brings us into a closer relationship with God which in turn brings us closer together as a family. The other aspect of taking your kids onto the mission field is that it opens their eyes to other cultures and people. I want my children to understand that God created and loves all people, all nations, and all tribes! The mission field has opened our kid’s eyes to how blessed we are to live where we have access to clean water, food and the ability to worship God freely! As we have served over these last 9 years in South America our prayer is that God would plant seeds in our kid’s hearts that would give them a passion for the lost. We pray that God would give them a love for people who are not like them and for God to give them a compassionate heart for those who are less fortunate than we are.

We have seen these qualities emerge from our children over the last several years and know it is a direct reflection of what God has done in their lives while serving others. Needless to say, all our fears and reservations of taking our kids on a mission trip have been removed and replaced by Gods sovereign plan.


“And Jesus came up and spoke to them, saying” All authority has been given to Me in heaven and earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the Age.”

Mathew 28:18-20


Mark Kreikemeier

Box of Hope


What’s going on?

Venezuela is currently going through an economic and humanitarian crisis.  Falling oil prices and government mismanagement have made it very difficult for its citizens to find basic food, medicine, and hygiene products on store shelves.  Venezuela relies heavily on imported products, which wasn’t a problem when oil prices were high, but now that their income has been reduced drastically many families survive on just one meal a day. Without adequate nutrition, many children fall ill and since medicine is scarce many of these cases lead to death.  We’ve talked with our local churches there and while they confirm that the situation in Venezuela continues to get worse they maintain their faith and hope in Jesus Christ, not in their current circumstances.  They have become a source of light and hope for the families of Venezuela.

How can you help?

You can help support Bread of Hope’s campaign to send Boxes of Hope to the Wayuu People in Venezuela.  The Box of Hope is a 16” x 12” x 12” box filled with non-perishable food, personal hygiene products, and school supplies.

How is the “Box of Hope” used?

The boxes will be delivered to local churches in Venezuela.  They will use them to bless local Wayuu families in need.  Each box will be an opportunity that the local church has to make a connection with a Wayuu family, not only by addressing their physical needs, but their spiritual ones as well.

Kingdom Impact

Through these boxes we are empowering local churches to put Christ’s love on display.  Giving them an opportunity to break down cultural barriers that have kept the Wayuu from knowing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Each box will be delivered by a local church who will be ministering to each family.

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Mission trip La Guajira July 2016

Mission trip banner1 2016

Bread of Hope has partnered with local churches to bring the hope of Jesus Christ
to the un-reached Wayuu in Colombia.
We invite you to come and join us as we exchange hopelessness
for personal value in Jesus Christ.

Place: Riohacha, Colombia
Dates: July 9-16
Cost: $1,800
Includes: airfare (from Atlanta, GA), lodging, transportation, meals and ministry events.

To register to this mission trip click here: REGISTRATION FORM



You can pay with a credit card (2.9% transaction fee included)




you can send a check to:

Bread of Hope

292 South Main Street – Suite 200 Alpharetta, GA 30009



For more information about this trip contact us:

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phone-call-active-512 678-343-5545

Worship with the Wayuu


Worship is an active, spontaneous response to the revelation of God and His character.  God is still very much alive today!  Our response to the glimpses of His power and might we experience is called worship.
During my time here in La Guajira, I have carefully observed how the Wayuu worship God, their intimacy with Him, and the depths of their spirituality.
One of the things that has surprised me the most is how genuine they are in their worship of God, especially during their times of praise at services.  It’s clear that they enjoy singing and rejoicing in the Lord as a community of brothers and sisters in Christ.  They don’t worry about keeping tune, clapping on beat, or looking foolish by raising their hands.  When they worship there are true, heartfelt smiles on their faces. When they worship there is surrender as hands are raised, hearts are humbled, and those who are still learning give their all to keep up. One can truly see the presence of the Holy Spirit in this place.

It’s common for Wayuu churches to have prayer vigils since it is much cooler at night than during the day.  People travel from communities far away and dedicate several hours to worship, to listen to testimonies, to share Gods word, and to encourage each other putting aside their many troubles and worries.  They spend several hours in corporate worship with God.

When I see this image of pure, Christ-centered worship, it’s hard for me to not think about how we worship corporately and personally.  Today, a lot of our worship is less about Christ and more about us and our needs and demands.  Nowadays, we rely on our technology and expertise to make a spectacular performance for our enjoyment and attention.  It becomes perfectly normal to believe that worship is something that is enjoyed best in an environment that is perfectly rehearsed, coordinated, and controlled through every moment and every song.  But personally, I believe that worship doesn’t look like that.  I believe worship has to be led first by the Holy Spirit.  Not for what we can orchestrate and perfect.  There has to be room for the Holy Spirit to lead us.  We don’t need the production or the show.  Christ is enough, He alone deserves all the glory and praise.  I’m truly grateful that I have been able to experience worship among my Wayuu brothers and sisters.

May God continue to use my time with the Wayuu to bring us closer to Him.
Hebert Rincon

Local Pastors, the heart of our ministry


Local pastors are the heart of our ministry in Bread of Hope.  They are the ones working each and every day in their communities reaching the Wayuu people for Christ.  When our mission teams leave, they are the ones responsible for overseeing the discipleship process in new Wayuu believers.  One of our most inspiring local pastors in Colombia is Jesualdo Gouriyu.  Jesualdo is a passionate Wayuu servant of God who loves to see his own people come into God’s Kingdom.  He is married to his wife Delia and together they have 4 beautiful children.

Jesualdo became a disciple of Christ in 2005.  He was at the lowest point of his life struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.  One night he received a vision from God and immediately ran to a pastor and asked for prayer, a week later he surrendered himself to Christ.  Now, Jesualdo is currently the pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Manaure, Colombia.  He has been the pastor there for 2 ½ years.  A few months ago our local staff gave him a Proclaimer during one of their mission trips.  Pastor Jesualdo really cherished this gift and was using this same Proclaimer in 8 different Wayuu communities.  He would carefully plan out his week to visit 1 or 2 different communities each day.  These communities are very far apart and pastor Jesualdo would often travel by foot up to 4-7 miles to visit them in a very arid environment with temperatures easily reaching over 100°F.  In these communities, people normally stay inside their homes during the day because of the extreme temperatures and the severe drought in their region.  This hasn’t stopped pastor Jesualdo.  He doesn’t make excuses.  He will give everything to see His people come to Christ.  This past March we were able to visit with Pastor Jesualdo and bring Proclaimers for each one of the communities his church is currently working with.  These gifts were gold to him and his church.  Pastor Jesualdo continues visiting each one of the groups and they are growing and multiplying.  Two more groups have been added since we visited him in March.  God is doing remarkable and powerful things through the faith of Jesualdo.


Serving our Wayuu brothers and sisters


On April 2nd, our local staff and 8 volunteers in Maracaibo, Venezuela traveled to Amatunao, Colombia to spend their Easter weekend sharing God’s love with the Wayuu. Amatunao is a small Wayuu community about 8 hours away from Maracaibo by car. The Wayuu there live in the middle of a deserted, dry landscape in a region with many physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. Our team traveled there with the intention to share and model God’s message of hope and salvation for them by having an eye clinic, giving haircuts, playing in a street carnival, and giving Bible training. The eye clinic and haircuts meant so much to the Wayuu in Amatunao. Many of them go without haircuts and corrective lenses because they could never afford them. By entering their communities and providing for a simple, physical need we are able to model Christ’s love and break down some of those cultural barriers that keep them from hearing His Word.

Our network of local churches to reach the Wayuu in Colombia continues to grow and expand as our ministry opportunities have multiplied. During this trip, we were able to connect with 16 pastors from different communities throughout the Wayuu region in Colombia. Please pray that through these connections with new churches, new listening groups will form. Our goal is to have our listening groups in Colombia multiply from 8 to 40 by the end of this year. Reaching approximately 3,000 Wayuu brothers and sisters so that they will hear God’s Word, believe, and forever be transformed by Jesus Christ.